Investment Philosophy

The global financial marketplace is the stage for one of the largest assemblages of human intellect, technological innovation, and monetary capital found in our world; it is a complex machine that bestows great rewards upon those who are able to develop sufficient insight into its esoteric nature.

Our mission is to merge the insightful and creative power of people with the automative and analytical ability of technology to unlock the intricacies of the global financial marketplace; the objective is the maximization of risk-adjusted returns while maintaining low correlation to all major market factors. We firmly believe that the best way to attain this goal is to build & maintain an assembly line designed to methodically produce robust alphas across global markets, while also maintaining an opportunistic modus operandi – it is the readiness to take advantage of significantly skewed reward to risk opportunities that sets apart great investment managers from good ones.

We rely on bringing together diverse and compelling investment strategy perspectives from experts within our scope. This includes the prevailing research of academics, as well as the work of our own empirical researchers and financial engineers. In practice, our dedication to opportunism translates to an adaptable investment process built to withstand and thrive in all economic conditions.

Our firm considers mitigation of risk to be our paramount concern; it is an inherent tenet to an investment philosophy based on spreading risk across a multitude of investment strategies. We believe that the very nature of constructing a portfolio in this manner emphasizes survival and markedly limits the potential adverse exposures from systemic and black swan socio-economic events.