Julian Marchese is the CEO & CIO of XMonetae. Julian became enamored with investing and financial markets at a young age; he was trading derivatives by age 11 and developed his first quantitative automated trading system at age 14. He recognized from an early age the advent of systematic trading – specifically understanding how automation allows for much greater portfolio diversification than exclusively human trading. Having started his career as discretionary trader, Julian quickly realized the value of combining the two trading worlds together, ultimately setting the foundation of XMonetae Capital’s “Man + Machine” investment philosophy. This philosophy was solidified when Julian spent his three summers before college on the trading floor of Tudor Investment Corporation, shadowing portfolio managers including Paul Tudor Jones. Prior to his Tudor summers, Julian was a market maker & rebate trader for the proprietary trading firm Affinity Trading. Julian attended New York University’s Stern School of Business for a year, though he dropped out at age 18 to pursue his life-long dream career as an asset manager. He is an NFA Associated Person on behalf of XMonetae Capital LLC and holds a Series 3.

Jordi Perez is CTO & Head of Futures Trading at XMonetae. Jordi was first exposed to the complex world of financial derivatives while working on his bachelor’s degree in Finance at Concordia University during the peak of the financial crisis in 2008. He was immediately fascinated by its complexity and embarked on a personal journey to learn futures trading. Jordi then applied his newfound knowledge in his own proprietary accounts, quickly realizing through his trading successes that he had the skill-set to be a full-time professional trader. In 2013, Jordi joined the Canadian division of OSTC, a large international proprietary trading firm headquartered in the United Kingdom, where he quickly rose in the ranks, becoming a trade floor manager within his first nine months. In 2017, after transitioning to another large international proprietary trading firm, DV trading, Jordi recognized the growing importance of leveraging quantitative trading techniques and automation in today’s competitive trading landscape. After nearly seven years in proprietary trading, Jordi joined XMonetae in 2019 to continue his success in developing trading strategies and help build out the futures trading desk.

Joseph Cox is Chief Operating Officer at XMonetae. Mr. Cox has managed operational, financial, and governance activities as Board Manager at the Metropolitan Opera and has managed external communications, new market analysis, and business development for a global housing company.  Mr. Cox founded Coastal Innovations, the first VC-backed erosion and flood control company in the U.S.  He graduated from the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University.


is President and Senior Advisor of XMonetae. After acquiring a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and a Master’s in Computer Science from Harvard University in 1998, Eric joined Wall Street with the goal of using these skills to help generate investment returns. He spent the first few years of his career at Tudor Investment Corp and Morgan Stanley, where he formed solid bases in production technology and financial risk management. He then made a move to proprietary trading, where he became a portfolio manager a few years later.  Over the next decade and a half, he held progressively senior trading roles at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Tower Research Capital, and AllianceBernstein, honing research skills throughout, and developing strategies with Sharpe Ratios as high as the double digits and returns over 100% per year. With automation and diversification as guiding principles, his philosophy is to continually search for new ideas or data sources to perpetuate alpha, leading him to be an early participant in areas from capital structure arbitrage to HFT to alternative data. His library of trading strategies and experiences now spans all four asset classes and their derivatives, and holding periods ranging from low frequency to high. In his spare time, Eric is an adjunct professor at Columbia University and Fordham University, where he originated and still teaches the class Hedge Fund Strategies and Risk as well as Alternative Investments. Most recently but prior to XMonetae, he used his accumulated knowledge as CIO of another start up hedge fund, which he made profitable within one year of his joining.